Grand Canyon From Phoenix

Grand Canyon Tours from Phoenix 

Visitors to Phoenix love the fact that the Grand Canyon is just a few hours away—and even less depending on the type of transportation they choose! And while the Valley of the Sun is a fantastic vacation spot in and of itself, you’d be remiss to ignore its neighbor to the north, which happens to be one of the most famous natural monuments in the planet. 

Luckily, there are scads of ways to get from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon. The standard tour involves waking up at the crack of dawn and going for a four- or five-hour drive. In a single day, you’ll ride in a motor coach up to the Grand Canyon. Even those of you who don’t like driving will enjoy this ride, as you’ll weave your way through unforgettable Oak Creek Canyon and past forests of ponderosa pine en route to your destination. Heck, on a clear day, you’ll even be able to see the Painted Desert and San Francisco Peaks! 

On a standard single-day tour, you’ll arrive at the South Rim and explore the Grand Canyon from there for four or five hours. You may ride along a section of the Desert View Drive, stopping at a few of its scenic overlooks; and you may also get the chance to take a brief walk on the Rim Trail for more intimate viewing. To gaze down into miles of red rock spires and other formations is nothing short of magical. Also on the South Rim is the Grand Canyon Village, and most ground tours from Phoenix build in time for you to walk that historic district, with its collection of early-20th century buildings. 

Another awesome tour option for getting from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon is to ride by rail. This selection generally requires at least three days, since you’ll need one day to get to Williams, Arizona, in order to pick up the train, and another day to drive from Williams back to Phoenix. Riding on the Grand Canyon Railways is a magnificent way to spend two hours and 15 minutes, and on top of the scenery you’ll get from your train car’s oversized window, musicians will perform for you famous songs from yesteryear. This train drops visitors off at the South Rim, as well. 

One final travel option worth mentioning, and especially if you’re in a hurry, is an air tour to the Grand Canyon. In as little as three hours, you can fly in a plane or helicopter up to northern Arizona, swoop up and down above the Grand Canyon, and return to Phoenix with plenty of time to spare. At the same time, however, many air tours land at the canyon rim to give you the chance to soak it in from the ground; while still others (helicopter only) land on the canyon floor for the chance to hear, view, and even ride upon the rushing Colorado River! 

So the next time you’re in Phoenix, set aside a day or two, and blaze a path north to the Grand Canyon. There’s so much to see up there that you won’t believe your eyes!

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