Grand Canyon From Las Vegas

Grand Canyon Tours from Las Vegas 

There are all sorts of tours you can take from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. Whether you have a lot of time or a little, are hoping to hike a trail or not, there’s a tour here that’s well worth your time. “How can you be so sure?” you might ask. It’s simple, really—the Grand Canyon always delivers. Its magnitude is beyond description, and its beauty leaves visitors speechless. 

The most standard way of getting from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is with an air tour. Getting on board a small airplane or luxury helicopter just off of the Strip, you’ll be whisked away to northern Arizona. Though the “headliner” of the excursion is the Grand Canyon, the “opener” is no slouch. Your flight eastward includes a flyover at two remarkable sites, the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead! Then it’s on to the Grand Canyon. 

Upon arriving at the canyon, approximately an hour after your departure time, you’ll hover above its incomprehensible depths—4,000- to over 5,000-ft. in some spots! You’ll also gaze down at the sheer, several-millennia-old canyon walls, as well as the rock towers and Colorado River which comprise the interior section. On a basic Grand Canyon air tour, after exploring from the sky for about a half-hour, you’ll begin your homeward journey. 

On the other hand, if you select an upgraded helicopter tour, you’ll actually land at or inside of the Grand Canyon! That’s right, you could touch down beside the gorge, usually at the West Rim, for the opportunity to discover the dramatic vistas at Eagle Point and Guano Point. Or you could even descend to the canyon floor, at which point you’ll be able to look up in wonder at the red rock that rises up like a city around you. Certain helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon will even offer pontoon rides on the Colorado River, located along the floor. 

At the same time, however, air tours are by no means the only way to travel from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. Several ground tours provide easy and convenient transportation to and from northern Arizona—and usually the West Rim, specifically—for the chance to investigate the formation up close. The desert view from out the window of your motor coach, Jeep, Hummer, or other vehicle is sensational, and you’ll be grateful for the chance to walk alongside the canyon once you get there. 

Or, for a really rugged ride, you can take a 4×4 to the North Rim to explore the Toroweap Area, a rare and remarkable section of the Grand Canyon. Visitors here are sparse; you’ll likely see only 10-to-20 people during your entire visit. Meanwhile, the dropoff into the canyon is much more severe than it is at the more popular South Rim; in fact, the view from Toroweap Overlook—an unforgiving 3,000 ft.—will send tingles down your spine! Ground tours from Vegas to the Grand Canyon are full-day affairs. 

What should be clear by now is that there are borderline infinite possibilities for getting from the “Entertainment Capital of the World” to one of the “Seven Wonders of the Natural World.” And there’s a good reason for that: like we said earlier, the Grand Canyon lives up to its sterling reputation!

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