Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

For an outstanding way to check out the Grand Canyon, try Grand Canyon helicopter tours on for size. These remarkable journeys will introduce you to the broad canyon walls, sky-piercing rock spires, and other dramatic formations that make up one of the greatest sights on Earth. They’re accessible, too, since they depart from cities across the Southwest, from Las Vegas, to Sedona, to Phoenix. No matter where you are, you can go on a helicopter ride to and through the Grand Canyon! 

Helicopter in Grand CanyonAt the same time, however, we have some pretty firm opinions about the best ones to take. In general, we prefer combination Grand Canyon helicopter tours—that is, those excursions that merge various transportation methods to create altogether dynamic travel experiences. One such expedition is a six-hour adventure that combines two types of air travel, plus a boat ride! You’ll begin with an airplane flight from Sedona to the Grand Canyon, and then actually flies into its interior for an unforgettable landing on the canyon floor. Once there, in the shadow of the epically proportioned rock formations and walls, you’ll go for a pontoon boat ride atop the gently flowing Colorado River.

Yet another option is to take a trip that includes ground travel, in addition to the helicopter ride. You’ll drive from Phoenix, through scenic Oak Creek Canyon, and up to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Then, you’ll ride the air through the North Rim’s Dragon Corridor, which is the Grand Canyon’s widest and deepest section. If you wanted to look for a picture of “dramatic” in a dictionary, this helicopter flight would be it! 

So before you waste countless hours trying to settle on which of the Grand Canyon helicopter tours you’ll like the most, first have a look at our two recommendations.

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