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Many visitors choose to take a guided tour of the Grand Canyon. An experienced guide educated in the history and geology of region leads these tours. There is no reason to struggle with maps, parking or locating the best viewing location! Simply sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Grand Canyon Tour Information

When considering a Grand Canyon tour, there are many options. For a complete listing of tours and activities available at Grand Canyon:


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A variety of sightseeing tours are offered, depending on your interests. For a more relaxed tour of the Grand Canyon, a National Park Service partner offers bus tours along the South Rim. Let the driver and tour guide show you the best views as they tell you about the rich history and geology of the area, and share some fascinating stories and insights! There are several options available. You can take a short tour along historic Hermit’s Rest road, or you can go further afield on the Desert View Tour and experience the spectacular views from the Watchtower, a re-created tower of the sort used by the ancient native people.

If you want to see the best desert sunrise or sunset, those tours are also available! Wake up early and see the beautiful sights of the sun rising over the Palisades of the Desert. Or stay a little later in the day and take in the sunset at Yaki or Mojave point on the South Rim. The amazing views and colors will delight people of all ages!

Every family needs to experience the beauty and wonder of the Grand Canyon! A few seconds standing near the edge and you will surely understand why it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Canyon View Information Plaza is a great place to get your bearings when you first arrive. It is a great resource to inform visitors of various viewpoints and hiking trails available. Use the park’s free shuttle system to navigate points of interest in and around Grand Canyon Village. 

There are several scenic vistas accessible by vehicle along Grand Canyon’s famous South Rim. Visiting different viewpoints are the best way to view all the magnificence that the Grand Canyon has to offer – and take a few great snapshots along the way! Earlier and later parts of the day offer the best lighting for photographers. Yavapai Observation Station offers unparalleled views, including the Colorado River and Phantom Ranch. Be sure to allow adequate time to make the journey! To the west of Grand Canyon Village is Hermit Road, which follows the rim for 8 miles. While Hermit Road is closed to private vehicles for most of the year, a free shuttle bus can provide you with access. 

Besides taking photographs and viewing from the rim there are tons of other great activities you can partake in during your visit to the Grand Canyon that will truly make your vacation one to remember! The Grand Canyon is truly one of America’s treasures. With amazing scenery at every turn, and plenty of activities for the whole family, the Grand Canyon National Park is something everyone should see!  As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon’s dramatic landscape is sure to awe and inspire even the most jaded traveler.

Start your visit off at the South Rim Grand Canyon Village, where you can get maps and information about the wealth of activities available, and enjoy some southwestern hospitality in the Park’s visitor Center. From there, take a tour or a hike along the rim and see the Canyon from the outside. The Park Rangers at the Visitor’s Center and throughout the park are there to help you and answer your questions about this captivating place.

A wide range of tours and activities are available to meet your family’s needs and interests. From leisurely bus tours to river rafting adventures, the Grand Canyon has it all! With so much to see and do, the hardest part will be going back home after your vacation is over!

Grand Canyon Village

Located on the South Rim, this is the starting place for most Grand Canyon Visitors. The Historic District is the heart of the village and contains early 20th century buildings, mostly constructed by the legendary Santa Fe Railroad.

Architect Mary Colter’s Lookout Studio is one of the buildings in the Village, and was built to echo the 12th century Native construction styles. Colter’s work for the Santa Fe Railroad in the 1920s and 1930s led to what became known as “parkitecture.” Her style inspired national park buildings throughout the west, as they tried to use elements of the landscape and blend in to their surroundings. Hopi House, also located in the Grand Canyon Village’s Historic District, features Hopi architecture and decorative arts, including pottery and weaving. Hopi house showcases the craftsmanship of one of the many Native American tribes who live around the Grand Canyon.  You can also visit the train depot in the Historic District and learn about the importance of the railroad to the southwest.

In 1912, the brothers Ellsworth and Emery visited the Grand Canyon along the Colorado River.  These photographer brothers documented their adventures in the area, and eventually set up a studio along the South Rim.

Their studio is now a museum that features their amazing and beautiful photographs and serves as a place to share stories about early 20th century life in the Grand Canyon. Be inspired by some of the first photographs and film of the Grand Canyon as you set out to create your own memories and images!

Kolb Studio is open daily from 8:00am to 8:00pm and is free to visit. For more information, click here: Kolb Studio Art Exhibits.

Ranger Programs

NPS Rangers know and love the Grand Canyon! Join them on guided hikes and interpretive programs geared towards families and adults. Ranger programs leave from the South and North Rim Visitor Centers and cover a variety of topics, from the history and geology of the Grand Canyon to current issues, such as the Canyon’s environment and ecology.

Your children can participate in their Junior Ranger Program and earn badges to show off their accomplishments. These programs are geared toward kids 4 and up and will teach the whole family about their national park system and why the Grand Canyon is such a special place.

Park Rangers create their own special tours, so you know that your guide has done his or her own research and is very knowledgeable and passionate. With over 25 different Ranger programs to choose from, you’re sure to find one that will interest you! Click here for more information on free Ranger Programs

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